October DIY - Stamp Carving

Learning a new skill is great, but crafting something amazing out of it is even better.

With this box, you'll learn how to carve your own stamps, then try your hand at stamping three different materials. Carving stamps with the special carving block material and cutter is easy and fun! 

The centerpiece of this box is a set of four 100% cotton napkins, plus fabric-safe ink pads, to create a set of dinner napkins. Set your fall table or cut down on paper use by keeping these handy. Use the included designs or draw your own stamp for total customization.

What's included:

  • Detailed instructional guide 
  • Carving block to create two stamps
  • Speedball lino cutter 
  • Four 100% cotton napkins
  • Three VersaColor small ink pads
  • Two wood magnets
  • 5x7 cardstock 
  • Stamp designs 
  • Pencil and sharpener
  • Practice paper 

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